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Feeding Ants is part of the fun of keeping them. In our experience, one colony of the same species can be so different than the other, but generally, they like the same food. We’ve added some of our ants’ favorites. We have watched them eat, collect, discard, build and plant their food. In offering ants a wider variety of food, you come to know them better.

Finding a balance between feeding your ants carbohydrates and protein is extremely important. The protein-rich food sources aid in brood development, while carbohydrates aid in keeping adult productivity up. If you only offer your ant’s protein food sources, it can lead to protein toxicity, which is often fatal.  We recommend trying a wide range of different carbohydrate-rich food items.

Protein-rich foods would come from: crickets, roaches like the Dubai roach, and mealworms, all of these are readily available at most pet shops.

Carbohydrates will be your honey and sugar. Ant Jelly contains a mixture of protein and carbohydrates as well as vitamins, but we recommend changing your ants’ diet every 3 days or so.

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