Ant-Keeping Starter Kits

The ant-keeping starter kits are the perfect introduction to the whole ant-keeping world. You get everything you need in one go – test tubes for the ants to nest in, dry ant jelly to keep them well-fed, and an ant nest and outworld for them to explore and thrive. They make diving into ant-keeping super easy and enjoyable. It’s a starter pack that sets you up for this awesome journey of taking care of your tiny ant buddies. You have all the basics to create a comfy ant habitat. Ready to have a blast nurturing and watching your little ant pals grow and thrive?

Founding Queen Combo Starter Kit

The Founding Queen Combo Starter Kit allows your Queen Ant and her small colony to nest, travel, and forage. The Queen Combo is small which ensures your ants feel comfortable. If you provide too much space for your Ants, they will not thrive.

This Kit contains:

  • 1x Founding Queen Combo Nest and Outworld
  • 1x Dual Tool - Test Tube Cleaner
  • 5x Test Tubes
  • 1x Ant Jelly


Founding Feeding Portal Starter Kit

The Founding Feeding Portal Starter kit contains:

  • 1x Founding Feeding portal - This allows you to feed your Queen and her small colony
  • 1x Dual Tool - Test Tube Cleaner
  • 5x Test Tubes
  • 1x Dry Ant Jelly


Square Ant Nest Starter Kit

This Ant keeper starter kit has everything you need to get started keeping an ant colony:

  • 5x Test Tubes
  • 1x Rock Feeding Station
  • 1x Dual Tool - Test tube cleaner
  • 1x Square Ant nest and outworld
  • 1x Dry Ant Jelly


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