Create Your Custom Design Ant Nest

We understand that you may want your very own custom design ant nest and we are here to help.

The ant nest can be made from a choice of AAC or Grout.  Both are hand-made to order.

If you prefer us to design the ant nest for you please shoot us a message with your dimensions in mind.

Before going ahead and filling in the form below, you have to make sure that you have your design in mind or on paper and the right sizes, so we can get started on your project right away.

Custom Design Ant Nest Policy:

If you prefer us to design your nest, we will only make changes to the design that is currently being worked on.

We will not be able to start a new design from scratch. Once the design is complete, we may send you an image before shipment, for approval.

AAC Custom Design Ant nest - Ants South Africa
Founding Queen Nest Ants South Africa | Custom Design Ant nest
You may choose to use our excel template to create your custom design. But feel free to send us your own drawings as well.
Watch a quick video tutorial on how to edit the excel template.

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