Camponotus eugeniae


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Colony size: Queen +/- 10 worker

Housing: Glass Test Tube
Latin Name: Camponotus eugeniae
Taxonomy: Subfamily: Formicinae Tribe: Camponotini
Keeping Level: (1) for beginners with higher requirements towards climate
Distribution: Africa
Habitat: open grassveld and gardens
Queen: Size: ca. 14mm Colour: matt ash black
Worker: Size: minors 9mm, (minor-, meda-, major workers) Colour: matt ash black
Nutrition: Honeywater and insects
Air humidity: Arena: 30 - 50% Nestpart: 50 - 60%
Temperature: Arena: 21 - 30°C Nestpart: 21 - 28°C
Hibernation: no
Nest form: Build their nest in soil
Kind of Formicaria: Farm-arena, Combi, Basin, Island, Acrylcylinder, Ytong/Plaster
Formicaria size: Size: M - L
Substrate:Farm: Sand-Loam Arena: Sand, Sand-Loam
Decoration: Branches, Roots, Treeneedels,
Founding: claustral (without feeding)
Quantity: one fertilized queen with workers | brood (depending on the season and development)

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