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Welcome to our exclusive collection of queen ants for sale, designed for ant enthusiasts right here in South Africa! Our commitment to responsible ant-keeping is reflected in our strict standards – we only sell queens with a thriving team of at least 5 workers, ensuring a robust and healthy start for your ant colony. Rest assured, we prioritize the well-being of our ecosystems by not selling invasive species. When you order a queen from us, she arrives in a secure 16mm test tube, carefully packaged with water for hydration during the journey.

We understand that becoming an ant keeper is a special responsibility, and when you purchase a queen along with her small colony, you become the caretaker of a unique miniature world. Unpack your queen with the utmost care, allowing her to acclimate to her new environment. A drop of honey on a toothpick is a perfect welcome treat. Once you’ve set up your nests and outworld, the exciting moment arrives – connect her test tube to her new home, and watch your ant family grow and thrive under your attentive care. Here’s to fostering a happy and healthy ant community!

We don’t always advertise our Queens. There are Gan Farmers all across SA, who passionately grow colonies. Please ask Andrew if you need help acquiring a Queen.

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